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About your ad

What makes a good ad?

Layout techniques that can make or break your ad. When you advertise, you are communicating to a potential customer with the prime purpose of trying to "close a sale."

1. Do your eyes immediately to to a dominant headline or illustration that instantly conveys the main sales message you are conveying?

2. Is the layout visually easy to follow and organized so the reader’s eyes move naturally through your entire ad?

3. If your ad is less than a full page, is it separated with a border to distinguish it from other ads on the page?

4. Is your headline physically strong enough to receive the desired impact?

5. Does the illustration, photograph, or art help convey a sales message?

6. Is the body copy type size and style big enough and easy enough to read?

7. Does your ad appear choppy because of numerous small copy blocks that interrupt the visual flow of the layout?

8. Are there adequate margins around copy elements so the copy does not appear to be running off of the page or into illustrations.

9. Does the ad have an uncluttered and uncomplicated look? Is it organized to invite the interested buyers to read it?

10. Is there enough white space to make it legible and readable? White space reduces a cluttered look and actually draws attention to your ad.

11. Is the ad large enough to accomplish its objectives or is there too much information jammed into too small of a space?

12. Size versus consistency. Consider too, if you invest a large amount of money in a large, cluttered ad that is seen only one time, versus smaller ads that are more readable ad displayed consistently, issue after issue, will bring better results.

The Town Flyer staff, with more than 48 years of experience can help you layout an effective ad for the printed version and transfer it to The Town Flyer’s web site and give you more mileage for your advertising dollar, month-after-month and 24-7!