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Our 25th Year of Providing Good News and Community Information Vol. 26 • No. 4
May, 2018
Recruiting and Training Tomorrow’s First Responders
High school students take the responsibility to volunteer for training and commitment to be lifesavers.
 Left engine: West Deer VFD No. 2, Station 289, Junior firefighters are Anthony Creaturo Jr., Matt Campos, Justin Hanson, Luke Mancuso, Patrick Hanson, A. J. Schmidt, Bill Bailey, IV, Brandon Badilion, Riece Bayne, and Justin Clifford. Center engine: West Deer VFC No. 3, Station 290 Junior firefighters include: Luke Smith, Cole Cannon. Ronald Hampton III (Hampton High School, missing from photo). They also have two seniors at Deer Lakes who
Statistics show that the volunteer fire service is an aging pop- ulation. In addition, volunteer departments are facing chal- lenges retaining and recruiting members at a time when call
volume has more than doubled in the past two decades. Departments across the country are struggling to attract younger members to join their ranks and ensure the future of the fire service.
Junior firefighter programs are a great way for departments to gain the interest of potential first responders while they are young and help build the next generation of fire and emergency service leaders.
There are thousands of local junior firefighter programs nation- wide. In the West Deer Township area, Allegheny County Fire Academy provides programs and training where departments and
were considered juniors and have now turned 18 and are consid- ered regular fire fighters. They are Alex Gall and Heather White. Right Engine: West Deer VFD No. 1, Station 288, Junior firefight- ers includes: Zak Raynovich, Devin Reiher and Molly Carroll (missing from the photo). Frazer #1 has one Junior firefighter Gail Callender, III (missing from photo). PhoTo by LorI NILsoN PhoTogrAPhs.
youth alike can find the resources, tools, training, and information they need to help develop, grow, enhance, promote, and participate in becoming a first responder and most importantly, how to stay safe when helping others.
A goal of volunteer fire departments is to get more youth involved in fire and emergency services, so they can foster a life- long relationship with the emergency services in their area where they can continue to serve as first responders and community sup- porters of the fire service throughout their adulthood. Junior fire- fighter programs instill life-enhancing skills and values such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and community service in the youth who participate.
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 “Important Information on the Upcoming Election!” For Voters in West Deer
See pages 16 and 17 of this issue for an explanation of ballot questions.

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