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Our 25th Year of Providing Good News and Community Information Vol. 26 • No. 5
June, 2018
2018 Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner and Ceremony
Dr. Bruce R. Kelly Mr. Dennis G. Martinez Mr. Leo R. Mierzejek Dr. Robert Pacek Mr. Vincent Taliani
East Deer-Frazer ’69 Deer Lakes ’70 West Deer ’47 East Deer ’53 West Deer ’47
Family, friends and members of the school community gathered together for the induction ceremony and banquet that recognized the 2018 Deer Lakes School District Distinguished Alumni honorees on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Deer Lakes High School. Recipients of this year’s Distinguished Alumni Awards are (from left to right front) Dr. Robert F. Pacek, East Deer High School Class of 1953; Dr. Bruce Kelly, East Deer – Frazer High School Class of 1969; representing Mr. Vincent Taliani, West Deer High School Class of 1947 are his sons Craig Taliani and Mark Taliani; Mr. Dennis Martinez, Deer Lakes High School Class of 1970; and representing Mr. Leo Mierzejek, West Deer High School Class of 1947 are his daughters Jan M. Roth and Marcia Macdonald. See story on page 9. Photo by Lori Nilson Photographs

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