Local Gym Members Finish First in Four Divisions

On April 21, Fleck’s Gym had four members attend Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate 5th Set Black meet.  The event was held at Tedesco Body Shop in Murrysville, PA.  All four members participated in the full pull meet.  This meet consists of three main lifts, Squats, Bench and Deadlift with achieving a total.  The total is determined by adding the three heaviest lifts for each lift.  Each partiipant gets three attempts for each lift in order to achieve their heaviest successful attempt.  At the end of the day Fleck’s Gym had all four members finish first in their division. The winers are pictured here.

Picture Left to Right:Adam Ekas, 19 yrs. old, 198 lbs. Raw Modern Amateur Class finish with 1285 LB Total; Tim Lohr 39 yrs. old, 308 lbs Raw Classic Amateur class finish with 1200 LB Total; Buck Ferber, gym owner; AJ Vercelli 28 yrs. old, 242lbs Police/Firefighter Raw Open Class finish with 1330 LB Total; and kneeling:  Tyler Sportelli 18 yrs. old, 198 Raw Classic Amateur Class finish with 1290 LB Total.