Bakerstown United Methodist Church Burns Mortgage

On October 22nd, the Bakerstown United Methodist Church celebrated the retirement of its debt with a Mortgage Burning Service in the Sanctuary.  On August 12, 1999 the congregation took out a $1,737,424 loan to fund the building of a new Sanctuary, fellowship hall and Pre-School area.  The loan was paid in full in September 2017 after 18 years of faithful stewardship on the part of the congregation.

The service was led by current pastors, Rev. Dennis Swineford and Rev. Luke Whipple.  Rev. Paul Taylor, Pittsburgh District Superintendent, was the guest preacher.  Other speakers included Mr. David Meuschke, a member of the congregation who served as Construction Manager on the building project.  He reminded the congregation of the dedicated service of the original building committee and of the challenges which the congregation faced in beginning the project.

Rev. Mark Stewart who led the congregation from 1995 to 2010 spoke about the spiritual vision that inspired the project and of the importance of maintaining that vision into the future.  The actual burning of the mortgage was led by Rev. Stewart and Mr. Michael Perriello, former Trustee Chairman and signatory on the original loan.   The congregation celebrated with a banquet in its Fellowship Hall where members shared thoughts, stories and memorabilia from past years.

The Bakerstown United Methodist Church was founded in 1832 as a Methodist Protestant congregation, one of the predecessor denominations of the United Methodist Church.  The original building is currently an annex of Bakerstown Presbyterian Church.  In 1958 the congregation moved to is current site at 5760 William Flynn Highway. It has completed three building expansions since that time.